Welcome to Geo-fO2!

Geo-fO2 is a specialized software for analysis of magmatic oxygen fugacity (fO2) on the basis of oxybarometers and thermobarometers for common minerals in intermediate–silicic magmas. It is written in Python and described in a software brief in G-cubed (Li et al., 2019). With user-friendly interfaces, it is easy to input files (.csv or Excel files), output data in Excel tables, and plot results as binary diagrams that can be saved as vector graphics and modified using image-processing software. Geo-fO2 is packaged as an installation-free .exe file that can run in Windows platforms. Under Mac OS platforms, the user can also use Geo-fO2 through the Winebottler application. The current version is v0.2 posted on April 28, 2019.

You are welcome to use and improve the software, under the condition that you should acknowledge all the contributors by citing the appropriate references with any results (see the “How to cite” page). The software can be downloaded in the “Download” page. If there are any problems with running software or calculation then please contact us through the information in the “Support” page.

Download link: Geo-fo2_v0.2.exe